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Special Offer

                               * OFFER*OFFER*OFFER*

Book your 2019 service by October 31st 2018 (closing time 6pm) and receive 10% off your service bill.

See below for terms and conditions;

  1. Must be booked by or before 6pm Oct 31st 2018.

  2. Bookings taken from January 2nd 2019.

  3. Dates available are subject to availability (normally carry out 2 caravan services per day during winter hours 8am - 6pm and up to 3 during summer hours 8am - 9pm)

  4. This offer only applies to single axle and twin axle services. All other vehicles excluded ie; Motorhomes, Horse boxes, trailers and chassis only service.

  5. Any other work carried on day of service is subject to full payment inclusive of parts and labour.

  6. All additional works must be pre booked  upon booking  of service and cannot be added once booking has been made or added upon my arrival to carry out service.

  7. It is advisable that the vehicle is moved into a sufficient space for me to work on safely and if and where possible mains supply and water to be available. If however your vehicle is in storage with no mains or water facilities are available please advise me before hand so I can come prepared or we can come to some arrangement.

  8. This offer is not a web or social media only offer so please share.

  9. Any cancellations and re-bookings are subject full charge of service after 31st October 2018.

  10. Only one cancellation and re-book allowed per customer.

  11. Offer only applies up to 3 bookings per customer only.

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